Our Aim;

Antalya Pathology center was established in 1996. Dr. Mustafa Tunç and Dr. Aykut Onursever and studied together from August 1996 to November 2001. A branch office was in function in Alanya from July to November in 1997.


Dr. Mustafa Tunç studied alone from October 2001 to July 2002.


After coalescence with Şeker Pathology Laboratory, in July 2002, Dr. Mustafa Tunç and Dr. Vehbi Şeker studied together till a second coalescence with Can Pathology Laboratory in July 2005.


Since July 2005, Antalya Pathology Center, with 5 specialists in pathology, aims to make correct diagnosis in the shortest period of time with the use of modern technologies.



Our Pathologists;;

Esin ÖZEL,


Mustafa TUNÇ,


Antalya Pathology Center is a fully equipped laboratory. Our aim is to give the correct diagnosis and prognostic markers by using the detailed parameters. All cases are investigated by at least 2 pathologists and advanced methods like immunohistochemistry can be performed when needed.


Complicated cases are consultated to pathologists who are experts in their fields.





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