"Iuro per Apollinem medicum et Sanitiam et Remediatiam et deos universos et universas, scitores faciens, perficiam secundem possibilitatem et actionem et iudicium meum iuramentum hoc et conscriptionem istam.

eum qui docuit me artem hanc introducere inter meos, et communicare in vita, et in quo indiget dationem facere, et genus quod ab ipso fratribus aequale iudicare eligam. et docebo artem hanc eos qui indigent discere absque pretio et conscriptione, et delusione et intemperantia et de reliqua universa disciplina traditionem facer filiis meis et eius qui me docuit et edoctis et temperatis et iuratis legi medicinali, alii autem nulli. dietationibusque utar omnibus iuvamento laborantium secundum possibilitatem et iudicum meum, et de incusatione et iniustitia prohibebor. neque dabo ulli farmacum rogatus mortale, neque narrabo consilium tale. similiter autem neque mulieri pessarium corruptivum dabo. pure vero et sancte servabo vitam meam et artem meam. non incidam autem neque lapidatatem patientes, sed dimattam hoc opus hominibus huius operationis. ad domos autem ad quotcumque ivero, ibo ad utilitatem eorum qui laborant, absque omni iniustitia spontanea et corruptive alia, et venereorum operum in mulieribus corporibus liberorum et servorum. ea vero quae in cura videro aut audivero, vel etiam absqua cura de vitis hominum, quae non sit conveniens loqui extra, tacebo, ceu neque videre ea putans.

iuramentum itaque meum et conscriptionem hanc qui perfectum facit et non confringit erit diligibilis ut augeatur et in vita et arte honorandus ab omnibus hominibus insempiterno tempore, transgredienti autem et deieranti contraria horum. "

I swear by Apollo the physician, and Aesculapius the surgeon, likewise Hygeia and Panacea, and call all the gods and goddesses to witness, that I will observe and keep this underwritten oath, to the utmost of my power and judgment.

I will reverence my master who taught me the art. Equally with my parents, will I allow him things necessary for his support, and will consider his sons as brothers. I will teach them my art without reward or agreement; and I will impart all my acquirement, instructions, and whatever I know, to my master's children, as to my own; and likewise to all my pupils, who shall bind and tie themselves by a professional oath, but to none else.

With regard to healing the sick, I will devise and order for them the best diet, according to my judgment and means; and I will take care that they suffer no hurt or damage.

Nor shall any man's entreaty prevail upon me to administer poison to anyone; neither will I counsel any man to do so. Moreover, I will give no sort of medicine to any pregnant woman, with a view to destroy the child.

Further, I will comport myself and use my knowledge in a godly manner.

I will not cut for the stone, but will commit that affair entirely to the surgeons.

Whatsoever house I may enter, my visit shall be for the convenience and advantage of the patient; and I will willingly refrain from doing any injury or wrong from falsehood, and (in an especial manner) from acts of an amorous nature, whatever may be the rank of those who it may be my duty to cure, whether mistress or servant, bond or free.

Whatever, in the course of my practice, I may see or hear (even when not invited), whatever I may happen to obtain knowledge of, if it be not proper to repeat it, I will keep sacred and secret within my own breast.

If I faithfully observe this oath, may I thrive and prosper in my fortune and profession, and live in the estimation of posterity; or on breach thereof, may the reverse be my fate!


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